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Apple takes on Samsung once again in smartphone wars Quelle: Other than this there's the price, design, storage and additional features to consider.

Samsung Galaxy Serie

It is slim, stylish, with a higher waterproof rating, and looks and feels way better in terms of design than the plasticky S5, faux leather back or not. Granted, the Xperia Z3 is a tad taller than the S5, but the overall dimensions of both are bearable for one-handed usage, plus you get stereo speakers with the Z3.

Samsung's stand-out biometrics, like the fingerprint scanner and the heart rate sensor on the back are an acquired taste, and you might find the superior audio experience on the Z3 more useful in your everyday interaction with the phone. In return, it will reward you with one of the best Android experiences out there starting with the brilliant, 5. Samsung Galaxy S5 vs. The S5 kept things competitive, though, winning many crucial rounds, including display, interface, camera and battery life. So, regardless of which phone you choose, you'll end up a winner.

From its superior battery life, sharp camera quality, and its rich set of software features, the Galaxy S5 is without a doubt a few steps ahead of the Moto X. Why Sony outpaces Samsung in this smartphone battle Quelle: However, with more user friendly software, a more premium design and more useful unique features, the Xperia Z3 just about sneaks ahead of the Galaxy S5. But the reality is that such an answer will inevitably be, to put it lightly, completely misleading.

There's no such thing as one-size-fits-all, and it ultimately comes down to your right to exercise choice. Samsung's best ever smartphones fight it out Quelle: It's important to note, however, that all flagship smartphones are now very fast, and the chances of the average user being able to tell the difference between them is minimal. However, what might sway you in the new Note's favour is its larger, higher-resolution screen and potentially longer battery life.

Samsung Galaxy S5 vs Galaxy S5 mini comparison review: Price, specs and more Quelle: It has the same design, including IP67 certification, in a more compact device while retaining the fingerprint scanner and heart rate monitor. We await a UK release date and price. Featuring a superior screen, better camera and more innovative design the G3 is one of, if not the best Android smartphone currently available. But with a better battery life and more robust portfolio of security services there is still plenty to like about the Galaxy S5.

Samsung seems to banking on the fact it knows there will be some people out there who will buy its devices no matter what, else it would have jumped to a more premium design. If you're a Samsung fan, this is the phone you should buy without question. If you're more agnostic, there's better out there. South Korean derby Quelle: But until that time comes, the unmatched screen, the excellent camera, and compelling design make the G3 a tough one to beat, despite its shortcomings.

The Korean derby will only be getting more interesting to watch. Not everyone will end up choosing a side - but many will be tempted. Galaxy S5 vs iPhone 5s smartphone comparison: The Galaxy S5 will be fast, well built, full featured. It will have a big bright and bold screen, and good cameras, and it will offer good storage and connectivity options. But all of the above is true of the iPhone 5S. The days are over when Apple was far ahead of other smartphone makers, but it remains at the top of the tree when it comes to making high-class phones.

We know how that battle went on a market level, but this year, on a personal level, the choice between the two comes down to the most subtle of personal preferences and taste. The camera and waterproof body are two more strong points of this phone. What brings it down is the cluttered interface and noticeable lag in performing certain tasks in spite of a powerful octa-core processor. It even has possible fingerprint scanning security but this was one of the many things I could not test in the available time. Mirrorcasting out of the box was another. LG and Samsung flagship smartphones go head to head Quelle: Whereas the S5 offers a fingerprint reader and heart-rate sensor, the G3 boasts a larger, significantly higher-resolution Quad HD display that is quite simply beautiful, plus support for high-resolution audio.

We'd much rather watch video, view photos and play games on the G3, which should be every bit as fast as the Galaxy S5. Flagship smartphone doesn't match up to rivals Quelle: However, a lot are somewhat unnecessary. The heart rate monitor is a prime example and while the fingerprint scanner is cool, it's difficult to use.

There is some top end hardware here, particularly the screen, but nothing which stands out in a busy and competitive market.

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A key element is that the design of the Galaxy S5 falls short. It's plastic, looks like every other Samsung handset and doesn't feel premium. Galaxy S4 users needn't upgrade and anyone looking for a flagship smartphone can get better elsewhere. Top-notch specs, less software bloat Quelle: Software bloat has been pared down and a few useful new features added, while the technical specifications are superb and battery life is good. Design purists may bemoan the plastic chassis, but the Galaxy S5 is still a worthy successor to last year's model.

The TechSpot Review Quelle: At the end of the day, the Samsung Galaxy S5 is a fine flagship smartphone that meets most criteria. Many refinements to the formula are great, others not so much, but the overall package is one that users should generally like and enjoy to use, current S4 owners included. Best Android phone With an extra gig of RAM over the competition, a promising stills- and video camera that lets you display 4K footage on your 4K TV, one-touch sharing, listening, mirroring and backup via NFC, a gorgeous screen, excellent dust- and waterproofing credentials and the largest-capacity battery prior to the existence of any power-saving mode, Sony is surely on to a winner with the Xperia Z2.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Review: It would be wiser to focus on what the S5 offers -- tons of enhancements and fixes for most of the things that people complain about with their smartphones. The camera is noticeably clearer, the battery life is remarkably better, the screen is brighter and has better colors, and the body of the phone undoubtedly better. This is exactly what people wanted, and Samsung delivered on the core attributes of what makes a great phone. If you're looking for a phone to shake the smartphone paradigm, look elsewhere.

If you want a phone that does the important things well and throws in a few bonuses a long the way, Samsung has made its best Android phone yet, and it's ready to meet those needs. That being said, I think the Galaxy S4 continues to be a great phone, especially after the KitKat update. However, if you have anything older and are looking to upgrade I would definitely suggest going down to the store and playing with the Galaxy S5.

Some people will find themselves drawn to the One's fantastic exterior design quality, while others will lean towards the GS5's beautiful S-AMOLED display and unique, powerful feature set. Oh, and let's not forget the fact that the S5 can go for a quick dip and keep on kicking.

Plus, the T-Mobile S5 lasts nearly 11 hours on a charge, longer than the carrier models we tested. Samsung has not done enough to make the Galaxy S5 a desirable premium smartphone. There is no compromise on performance though but we really wished that the Samsung would overhaul the build and design of its smartphones.

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OnePlus 2 vs Samsung Galaxy S6 comparison review: Starkes Outfit; Gute Kamera. It has a larger display, better audio quality for headphones, better battery life and a better camera with more features. That said, it doesn't fail in any area specifically, and if you were someone desperate for a hybrid device then this would certainly be the phone for you. However, the camera lacks optical image stabilization. Other than this there's the price, design, storage and additional features to consider. All said and done, this year Samsung's flagship game looks stronger than ever.

Featuring a superior camera, better battery life, slightly improved performance and a life-proof water and dust-resistant design, the Xperia Z2 is one of the best smartphones we've ever used. However, it is a close call, and with the iPhone 5S costing less and offering easier operating system updates and the Galaxy S5 a more robust portfolio of enterprise security services, many readers will have their own favourite of the three.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Smartphone Quelle: Being locked in with any device for that long is likely to be unpleasant. I can't promise Samsung will keep the GS5 up to date for the entire time, or even that it will get the next major OS update in a timely fashion. That's just the risk you take with a non-Nexus Android phone. Still, the device Samsung has released is excellent, and it's definitely worthy of being on your shortlist. Surpassing Apple iPhone 5s with brilliant performance, stunning camera Quelle: Underneath the high price and plastic body lies a very good smartphone that has come a long way from the initial days of the Galaxy S.

I do think they could have done a better job with polycarbonate though. Samsung Galaxy S5 Review Quelle: While the display is out-of-this-world good, the rest just sort of feels somewhat unremarkable. The camera is good, not ground-breaking. The water resistance is nice, but nothing new to phones. And the whole phone design feels extremely dated and out-of-touch. I want more than just a beautiful display. I would take the camera, but others have capable cameras. Where is that thing, that is trying to draw me in? Or maybe it will be here in the Galaxy S6.

Galaxy S5 vs Note 3 head to head review Quelle: Featuring a more ergonomic, water and dust resistant design, more robust portfolio of security services and significantly better rear camera than its phablet predecessor, the Galaxy S5 is currently the best Samsung handset available.

However, featuring a larger, but equally impressive screen, slightly better battery and useful S Pen Stylus, there is still plenty to like about the Galaxy Note 3. If Samsung had got its act together and updated the phablet to the current KitKat version of Android and new version of Touchwiz, the battle would have been far, far closer. Probably not for Galaxy S4 owners, for whom the hardware upgrades are, on the whole, minimal and the extra bulk possibly unwelcome.

Galaxy S3 owners coming to the end of a contract will be much more interested, with a massive spec bump and improved grip and durability, plus the much updated TouchWiz refinements. Five is, of course, a higher number than four, which in turn is greater than three. And, in terms of specs, the Galaxy S range runs along similar lines — the S5 is on the whole, the best device in the series yet and comes with my general recommendation. But, new applications and UI tweaks aside, is it just me who finds the annual upgrades more of a 0.

LTE speeds, especially, burned up the charts. A water-resistant body and long-lasting battery solidify the S5's position as one of the leading smartphones on the market. Unfortunately, this version of the S5 is held back by sluggish Sprint LTE speeds, at least where we tested. Signs that we may have reached 'Peak smartphone' Quelle: The entire industry has arranged itself around a yearly upgrade cycle, but at this point, there just isn't any compelling reason for most manufacturers to release a new flagship phone.

Unfortunately for Samsung, while the Galaxy S5 is a fantastic phone, all these factors mean there's nothing compelling us to run out and buy it, or recommend that anyone else does so. If you're determined to buy a top-end phone for the sake of having a top-end phone, you'll probably end up choosing the S5. If not, you could actually save quite a bit of money by stepping down a notch.

Its more refined interface, practically perfect display and improved camera make it a worthy successor to the S4. Add to that more than 8 hours of battery life and a water-resistant chassis, and the Galaxy S5 finds itself at a level occupied by few other smartphones.

This is the name of the game in the smartphone space now. I was surprised that Samsung could ship something that is watertight AND removable at the same time, and overall, the phone is well-built and better than the Galaxy S4, so if you like the previous one, I suspect that you will like the S5 design better. Galaxy S5 deep-dive review: Long on hype, short on delivery Quelle: The Galaxy S5 has some good things going for it. The phone boasts an excellent display, superb battery life and a respectable camera.

It's water-resistant, too, which is a relatively unusual trait in smartphones today. But Samsung's weaknesses hold the GS5 back in some meaningful ways -- ways in which other manufacturers are currently thriving. The phone feels cheaply made, it's unnecessarily large with no accompanying benefit to the bulk and its software is cluttered and visually inconsistent. Beyond all of that, there's just nothing about the device that sets it apart or makes it feel particularly special.

If the Galaxy S5 existed in a world of its own, it'd look pretty darn impressive. The problem is that the real world isn't so one-dimensional -- and when you start making comparisons, Samsung's "next big thing" looks a lot less grand. Galaxy S5 vs Nexus 5 head-to-head review Quelle: Featuring a more robust design, superior performance, better camera and clearer display, the Galaxy S5 outperforms the Nexus 5 in almost every way. However, with the Nexus 5 already halfway through its lifecycle as a flagship smartphone and costing close to half the price of the Galaxy S5, the Google handset does present far better value for money and is still a solid choice for any buyer on a budget.

The excellent display and great battery life are joined by the robust chassis. Samsung's biometric features might be ropey, but there is so much to like it doesn't matter if you don't use them. Improved phone still a step behind other Android models Quelle: It's not the best for blasting music, for instance, and while the TouchWiz interface has been cleaned up, it's still a step behind HTC's.

While I give the edge to the HTC One M8 , they're both excellent phones and the one that's right for you will depend on what you use your phone for. For those who carefully compare smartphones to get exactly the right device, the Galaxy S5 still stands up well. Better, but not the best Quelle: As a seasoned Android user, Samsung's Galaxy handsets continue to perplex me, but not to the point where I don't see their mass appeal. After all, it's got the latest specifications, a really stellar camera, and that bright screen coupled with a long-lasting battery that means its good for catching up on TV on the go.

It has all of the bells and whistles a typical smartphone user would want. Water-resistance is something we find ourselves wishing every phone offered. Samsung Galaxy S5 video review: Evolution not revolution for flagship smartphone Quelle: The device looks almost identical and much like Samsung's other smartphones. Samsung Galaxy S5 review: Gimme a high S5: Samsung Galaxy S5 puts substance over style Quelle: It has plenty of cool innovations and decent features, from the efficient fingerprint scanner to the heartbeat monitor.

And more usefully it includes improved battery life, good water resistance and a better camera. But this is powerful and good-looking enough to persuade Samsung loyalists and floating voters with ease. Of course, if your phone is case-bound, the look of the hardware won't matter too much. It's a phone with some significant improvements over that model. It lacks the style of its nearest rivals, but it more than delivers on every other point and has a truly oustanding screen. Galaxy S5 vs iPhone 5S head to head review Quelle: Offering a more rugged design, along with superior display, camera and battery life the Galaxy S5 is one of the finest smartphones currently available.

However, with the iPhone 5S having been released around six months ago, the device is already halfway through its lifecycle as a flagship product.

Gionee Elife S6 vs Land Rover Explore

The Samsung Galaxy S5's real challenge lies in the future when Apple unveils its next-generation flagship iPhone handset. The Samsung Galaxy S5 remains king of the jacks of all trade, at least. However, certain headline features like the fingerprint scanner and heart rate monitor are mediocre at best. Chances are, you'll be happy with the phone, but don't fork out the extra cash for an early upgrade. Powered by Qualcomm's latest Snapdragon processor and boasting IP67 certification, the Galaxy S5 is a powerful and robust handset.

The Galaxy S5's portfolio of security features, which includes a new custom fingerprint scanner and upgraded Knox 2.

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Although the removable plastic back makes it possible to replace the battery, it comes across as cheap next to the iPhone's glass back and the HTC One's metal body. And Samsung hasn't completely removed all the clutter. There are still two separate apps to listen to music, watch video and buy apps. That strategy largely pays off with this handset.

While the fingerprint reader could be more consistent, the S5 is a more refined product than the S4. We love the bright and colorful display, longer battery life and sharper camera with real-time HDR. The Galaxy S5 triumphs on function, although its style falls a little short; the HTC One is downright gorgeous, but you make some serious compromises with its camera.

Both exemplify the current state of the art. If the tweaked build and cleaned-up user interface are anything to go by, Samsung is taking design - inside and out - seriously. Place your finger over the sensor on the back of the phone and you'll be given a reading. During our time with the phone it worked around 60 per cent of the time and it wasn't always accurate; at one point we were given a reading of bpm - we're pretty sure that's heart-attack territory.

If you drop your phone in water a lot, you want this one. Samsung Galaxy S5 vs iPhone 5s smartphone comparison review: The only Android phone tougher than the S5 Active is the 4. But fitted with last-gen components, the Brigadier's Snapdragon is lapped by the S5 Active's Snapdragon chip. With the S5 Active's speedy processor, enduring battery and even louder speakers, you get the equivalent of Mustang performance in a Humvee body.

Now all you have to do is prepare for life without the limits of conventional smartphone worries, and figure out what to do with the extra money you would have spent on a case. The Galaxy S5 Active raises the bar for ruggedness in smartphones without sacrificing screen space or functionality. The special apps that come with the device show the designers put some thoughts into assembling some useful tools that would fit into the lifestyle of those who would use a sturdy phone. Aside from the ruggedness, the phone can stand on its own as a reliable mobile device for text, photos, messages, and social media.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 Active is a good reliable mobile phone for anybody, but especially for the sporty, active users. A high-end phone for the accident prone Quelle: Another would be that its a Galaxy S5 with a slimmed-down Otterbox case on it. Now it just comes down to which you prefer: Samsung Galaxy S5 Active review: If you are in the United States and looking for a smartphone of this type, the handset must be at the very top of your shopping list.

Potential users in the rest of the world should look forward to the wide release of the handset as well. But only if they can provide the life of adrenaline and adventure this phone is built for. I don't care for fingerprint scanners, and I think the Active key will be genuinely more useful for the majority of people.

Otherwise, it offers the exact same experience as the standard GS5. I personally prefer the S5 Active's design, and the added weight makes it feel like a more premium device in my hands. Either would make a fine choice, but if you're a klutz or adrenaline junkie, the Active should jump to the top of your list. Plus, you get all the best goodies the regular S5 has to offer, including its bright and rich full HD screen, long battery life and feature-rich camera.

The louder speaker than the S5 is another plus. Das erfahren Sie im Test. Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini Quelle: Kleiner interner Speicher, Kamerabilder bei Schwachlicht weichgezeichnet. Vor allem der Prozessor wirkt in einem Euro-Smartphone fehl am Platz. Akkulaufzeit, Display und Ausstattung sind auf einem hohen Niveau.

Wird das Mini endlich erwachsen? Kompakt und beinahe tadellos Quelle: Besonders gefallen haben uns das Display, die flotte Bedienung und die gute Verarbeitung. Aber auch der Fingerabdrucksensor hat im Einsatz nicht immer einwandfrei das getan, was er sollte. Samsung Galaxy S5 mini Quelle: Mini not mighty Quelle: The heart-rate monitor in particular is no stand-in for the likes of Samsung's Gear Live or Gear Fit, one of which you'll likely want to get the most out of the built-in S Health feature. The S5 mini is a more affordable way to get Samsung's latest features and, of course, offers those in a more portable package than the larger-screen direction most of the flagships are headed.

It's mini, but with the build quality and changing marketplace it's not as mighty this time around. Design and price beats additional features Quelle: However, the HTC One mini 2 pips it for us with its superior design, cheaper price tag and better software. We'd understand if you wanted to spend the extra for the Galaxy S5 mini's fingerprint scanner, heart rate monitor and IR blaster, though. When placed against other so-called 'Mini' spin-offs it fares well in terms of tech specs, however, there are a few devices out there not being pitched as scaled-down flagships that are possibly better all-rounders - the Motorola Moto G instantly springs to mind.

Of course, there's also the matter of processor and camera, both of which the Alpha wins at, but a lower price and better storage options are where the S5 mini manages to fight back. It's a tough call, and will really depend on what you need from your device, so make sure you take a close look at our comparison review to help you determine which is best for you. It looks and feels similar, and offers most — if not quite all — the features of its more expensive brother.

Look a bit deeper and you do see a few cuts here are there, though. It's not an automatic choice, though. A very good, smaller take on the S5 that's only eclipsed by the Sony Xperia Z1 Compact and cheaper 5-inch phones. A great little phone that's just too expensive Quelle: Our key concerns lie in its pricing and performance: The new dust- and waterproof casing is a nice touch, but the S5 mini isn't as good-looking as the HTC One mini 2, while the heart-rate monitor and fingerprint scanner are welcome but not essential additions.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 mini succeeds because it's a more widely usable size than the bigger S5, and because it cuts few corners in the shrinking process. To include a fingerprint sensor, infra-red blaster and heart rate monitor on a phone that you can splash without ruining are significant achievements. And the size and software mean that it's very pleasing to use. Samsung Galaxy S5 mini review: Next to it's bigger sibling - it's probably Samsung's best mini to date.

It retains what makes the bigger flagship desirable and cleverly mimics its superb performance so that it's easy to think the raw hardware power is equal. Samsung has made this smartphone snappy thanks to good software optimizations. The proprietary feature list is also pretty long as is usual for Samsung smartphones. The motion gestures are here, even if the air ones aren't available, the IR blaster is here as well - we only wish HTC had provided one for their mini smartphone. Sie macht gute Videos und bei normaler Beleuchtung gute Fotos. Samsung has tried to deliver the best of both camera and phone, and unfortunately, it just doesn't match up.

Is it a phone? Is it a camera? It surely is, and a good one at that. Who would buy it? It is, however, only a good camera compared with a digital compact, making it hard to recommend wholeheartedly. Really, this phone is all about the optical zoom, and we still think that the Galaxy S5 can actually produce somewhat superior photos when shooting at a wide angle.

Galaxy S6 / S7: Boot Loop, No Turning On, Just Vibrates, Keeps Restarting,, Black Display? Try This!

Amazing colors and sharpness with stun contrast of the display; powerful processor; good camera. Only single rear speaker. Both phones are feature-rich and are powerful road warriors. Samsung Galaxy S5 Sport Quelle: And unless you're worried about being too conspicuous, the vibrant paint jobs are a nice touch as well. I love the three physical buttons, and the textured back is great for everyone, from workout fanatics to people who can't remember that last time they went to the gym. But while the Active actually added some useful features, like enhanced durability and a customizable physical button, the Galaxy S5 Sport feels like nothing more than a shill for promotional tie-ins.

Samsung Galaxy Alpha Quelle: Perfekt ist es aber auch nicht: High-Performance Smartphone der Spitzenklasse? Area DVD Geht doch! Das Galaxy Alpha ist derzeit Samsungs schickstes Smartphone. Dennoch sollte man zum Preis eines Spitzenmodells auch die entsprechende Hardware bekommen. Samsung Galaxy Alpha hands-on: Note 4 metal design in small compelling form factor Quelle: You can get this compelling tablet for free when you add it to your Samsung Galaxy order and sign up for a two year plan.

Samsung Galaxy Alpha video review Quelle: Yes, the build is excellent and the design is a big step forward from the Galaxy S5, but the underwhelming screen and storage cap are disappointing concessions. The design of the Alpha is certainly very nice, and a significant upgrade over the plastic mess Samsung has dished up over the past few years. The part-metal body is slim, light and portable, and thanks to the perfectly-sized 4.

This is why we CAN have nice things: The battery capacity may have been pared back a wee bit too far in the name of saving an extra few grams and the absence of a memory card slot is a little hard to understand, but the chipset is a monster, the display good and device very light and compact. While it's not as spec heavy as some other flagship blowers, the Alpha is still speedy enough for your day to day use and it'll look good doing it too. With the Galaxy Note 4 echoing the same metal design, the Galaxy Alpha marks a new look for Samsung, and we've got to say we're impressed.

More like this, please. Samsung Galaxy Alpha Review Quelle: Seriously, it might be perfect then. In our eyes, they could even get away with overcharging for it if the performance was not so held back by the huge amount of TouchWiz featured on the phone. Silencing the Critics Quelle: However, there are compromises in the form of heating issues, the lower resolution screen and the lack of expandable storage. At least now we know that Samsung can make a premium-looking smartphone with sturdy materials, because the Galaxy Alpha's design language is replicated in the newly launched Samsung Galaxy Note 4 as well.

I love the elegant and one-hand-friendly design, as well as the swift performance this handset offers. But in the end, the Galaxy Alpha is just a prettier, more compact version of the Galaxy S5 with fewer features and less battery life. The super mini playground is not as empty as it once was and these three phones are excellent picks at three different price points. The Sony Xperia Z3 Compact is the most affordable of the bunch so it celebrates each of its victories a little louder than the other two.

The Apple iPhone 6 meanwhile is easily the most expensive one and has the most to prove, yet its fans are rarely swayed by such mundane details such as pricing. Also, at the price that Samsung has put up for this device, it might lose out. Still, the Galaxy Alpha should be on the top of Samsung fans' buying lists.

From taking photos, to its battery life, it earns plenty of high marks from us. No longer are we presented to the same plastic feeling that the company has churned out time-after-time in the past. Instead, the Samsung Galaxy Alpha signals a new direction for Sammy in being a company that can take great pride in the design of its devices. The only reason you'd want to pick this over the Galaxy S5, which is available for a similar price, is that you prefer a smaller size or more solid build.

But even then, this design isn't a one-and-done; you'll be able to get the same fit and finish on the Note 4 and Note Edge albeit with larger screens. Just make sure you factor the cost of an extra battery into your budget. However, the Alpha still has a plastic back, albeit one that feels smoother and nicer than what's on the S5.

You can swap in a spare battery, but can't add a memory card. Smaller shouldn't have to mean second-rate. While the Galaxy Alpha has solid four-star specs, especially considering its bright screen and solid battery life, I'm marking it down half a point for being less than it could be. Those who were fine with Samsung's plastic-heavy approach in the past may frown at perceived compromises in the Galaxy Alpha's spec list, but I'd encourage you to hold one in your hand before making any snap judgements.

This is a phone that's pleasant to use in a variety of situations, thanks to its lightweight design, just-right size, and impressively swift performance. This is undeniably the best-looking phone Samsung has come up with and is clearly a direct rival for the 4. The metal frame is beautifully integrated into a still predominantly plastic design and on that front it's a step in the right direction.

It's something that should have happened a long time ago. Samsung Galaxy Alpha vs. HTC One mini 2: Samsung may have found a weakness - HTC have a proper full-size flagship but their compact offering feels like a midranger at times. The HTC One mini 2 is cheaper than all three and the iPhone is the only one matching its metal unibody. Compared to any Samsung smartphone that's come before it, it's also a lot more premium in build quality. That makes it a significant step forward in the range and one we hope to see further develop in future devices.

Specs wise, the Galaxy S5 may win, but it's not far ahead in terms of performance or camera quality. In fact, we'd rather have the Alpha. Its better build quality and smaller body make it the more comfortable phone to carry around, while it's still extremely fast. It also gives Samsung a credible competitor to the iPhone 6, which is pretty much the same size.

Ultimately, the Alpha turns Samsung from a manufacturer of tech-packed smartphones into a manufacturer of beautiful and desirable ones, too. Samsung Galaxy Alpha is less like the iPhone than previously thought hands-on Quelle: And it's also smaller and lighter than most other Android heavyweights. Samsung Galaxy Alpha review: Not quite an alpha dog but a starry-eyed pup, dreaming of leaving its own legacy.

What if they dropped the "Galaxy" moniker and just called it "Samsung Alpha"? The plastic back, the hardware keys below the screen, and some of the TouchWiz bloatware are all weighing down the Galaxy Alpha and those are all Galaxy genes. Samsung missed an opportunity to one-up the iPhone 6 with water resistance and a large battery - one that Sony won't miss with the Xperia Z3 Compact. Die Kamera liefert schwache Fotos bei geringer Beleuchtung. Der Akku ist gut und kann vom Nutzer gewechselt werden. Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime review: We can see why people would want more screen real estate, but it's the trade-off of a cheaper matrix for better components elsewhere like the camera that doesn't sit well with us.

Samsung Galaxy Core Prime Quelle: Schwachstelle ist wieder mal das Display: Es wirkt blass und mit x Pixeln auch nicht wirklich scharf. When it first came out in , it had fewer handsets to compete with, but ever since Motorola completely rewrote the rulebook on what we should expect from cut-price smartphones with its Moto G and Moto E handsets, the Core Prime just can't cut it against its modern rivals.

It's reasonably quick and has a decent battery life, but its display, gaming performance, lack of storage and, to some extent, its camera, all fall short of both the 3rd Gen Moto G and even the 2nd Gen Moto E. In offering absolutely nothing to write home about, the Samsung Galaxy Core Prime falls into a samey pack.

It's built well but looks a little cheap, while its display simply isn't up to the standard of its low-cost rivals. It does lack a few features, but the missing ambient light sensor is one cut corner too far. It has a 5in x screen, better cameras and an ambient light sensor. Plus it runs an essentially plain version of Android. Samsung Galaxy Core Prime review: The "Core" line houses entry-level devices aimed at the mass markets in developing countries, slotting under the larger "Grand" devices.

Now there's "Prime," which, based on deduction, should mean for now a bit Snapdragon chipset and a better camera. The same can't be said about the Galaxy Core Prime as it misses the mark on the pricing - specs are suited for an entry-level device, but the price tag puts it in competition with more capable devices. Da beharrt Samsung jahrelang auf Polycarbonat, austauschbaren Akkus und etwas verspieltem Design Die Kamera liefert schwache Fotos bei geringer Beleuchtung, aber gute Videos. Der Akku ist gut, kann aber nicht vom Nutzer gewechselt werden.

Der interne Speicher von 32 Gigabyte ist nicht erweiterbar. Nicht beim Preis, aber bei der Performance. Im Alltag arbeitet das Smartphone sehr solide, die Performance passt also in der Praxis. Hochwertige Haptik; Kontrastreiches Display. Weder bei Recheneinheit noch bei Akku oder Display. Unter der edlen Chassis verbirgt sich hardwaretechnisch jedoch nur Durchschnittskost. Samsungs not so heavy Metal Quelle: Ich bin immer noch geblendet vom Samsung Galaxy Note Edge. Samsung Galaxy A5 Quelle: Metall und Mittelklasse Quelle: Starkes Outfit; Gute Kamera.

Sturdy and Light but Too Expensive Quelle: Frankly, this is a little too steep by any standard. You can get significantly more powerful phones for the same price or less like the OnePlus One Review Pictures or the Xiaomi Mi 4 Review Pictures , and similarly specced phones like the Lenovo A Plus and Yu Yureka are available for a fraction of the cost.

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We are not saying that the Galaxy A5 Duos is a bad phone. In fact, it is well-rounded and does everything well. It only needs to be a lot more realistic and a lot less expensive. The Moto E is also a 4G phone and if you're not fussed about its slightly smaller, lower resolution screen and mediocre cameras is a much better value choice. The only caveat is its price: Still, if design and quality tops your agenda, it's well worth a look.

The Samsung Galaxy A5 is a great mid-range smartphone with an excellent slim design and good cameras. Marvellous exterior, mid-range interior Quelle: Indeed, we'd rather have one in the pocket than the flagship Galaxy S5 - but that's just about to be replaced with the S6 come April, which fuses the best of both design and power worlds together. It's the marvellous exterior where the Galaxy A5 really wins points, acting as a hint of things to come from future Samsung phones. As a lesser powerful Android alternative to the Apple iPhone 6 this handset will turn heads, without costing a fortune to buy in the first place.

Samsung Galaxy A5 review - hands on Quelle: Its bigger battery may give it an advantage over the smaller Galaxy A3, but we'll have to wait and see how it fares once we get our hands on a full review sample. It may be more attractive, but for now, it looks as though the Galaxy A5 is very much the awkward middle child of Samsung's new A series.

It's a shame that the likes of the fingerprint scanner are missing in action, but for a respectable price you get a slick and dependable smartphone that's great for everyday action. Samsung Galaxy A5 review Quelle: The design is definitely a step forward and, along with the 13MP camera, will probably be what tempts customers looking for a new handset when browsing the shelves of the local phone seller.

The phone is built to flagship standards. It has great aesthetics and Samsung have picked the materials to match the purpose. Throw in a p Super AMOLED, a 13MP camera and the potent software package with Multi window and other perks here and there, and you have a phone that's more than adequately equipped to rule the midrange.

Samsung Galaxy A5 Review Quelle: While it looks the same as the last few generations, the change in the build material from plastic to metal finally allows for the premium feel in the hand that many have been waiting for. Mit dem Galaxy A3 gelingt Samsung ein stark verarbeitetes Handy mit solider Technik, das sich im Test deutlich von den Plastikbombern vergangener Jahre abhebt — und mittlerweile zum fairen Preis zu haben ist.

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Die ausreichende Kamera liefert schwache Fotos bei geringer Beleuchtung. Samsung goes Metal, die Zweite Quelle: Samsung Galaxy A3 Quelle: Immerhin ist flottes LTE mit an Bord. Diese bieten noch dazu ein besseres Display. Starkes Outfit; Gutes Handling. If you do want it on contract, there should be no up-front cost. For the same amount of money or less, you can get a better screen and a more streamlined Android experience. Samsung Galaxy A3 review - hands on Quelle: Bringing premium metal design work down to humble mid-rangers like the Samsung Galaxy A3 helps the company standout and should up their reputation for the target buyers.

A short review on Samsung Galaxy A3 — the first mid-ranger with premium feel from the company Quelle: It is quite different from most of the material used in recent Galaxy devices and we liked the finish used too. This is quite steep for a device with such specifications, especially when you consider the slew of budget-friendly options available that offer a similar experience, and sometimes better, if you can manage to get yourself an invite for the OnePlus One.

Samsung Galaxy A3 and A3 Duos review: And there's more to like about it than what is on the outside. Even so, let's take one final moment to appreciate Samsung's creation. They crafted a 6. It's also very compact and comfortably pocketable. Samsung Galaxy A3 Review Quelle: Nun gibt es mit dem Galaxy A7 auch ein kleines Phablet in der Serie. Wir haben das schicke Smartphone genauer unter die Lupe genommen.

Samsung Galaxy A7 review — beauty and power, fitted in a 6. However, it offers great contrast and covers the entire sRGB color gamut. We were pleasantly surprised by the long battery life, the high performance, the camera and, of course, the TouchWiz user interface, offering a handful of useful modes and features. Samsung focused mostly on the appearance and construction reaching super-thin profile of 6. Samsung Galaxy A7 review: But do they go far enough? The phablet will turn plenty heads with its slender, light but rigid metal frame and beautiful 5.

Then some of those heads will sag a little when they see it's the familiar Galaxy picture drawn with more expensive paints. They will hang lower still when they find out that the internal hardware is closer to a midrange device rather than the high-muscle silicon inside the excellent Galaxy Note 4. We would have hoped for some more power under the hood at this price.

Then again with a slim form factor and a metal unibody, some trade-offs were to be expected. Stay tuned for our detailed review of the Samsung Galaxy A7 for our definitive verdict. Samsung Galaxy S6 Duos Quelle: Auch in puncto Verarbeitung hat Samsung ordentlich nachgelegt und veredelt das Galaxy S6 mit hochwertigen Materialien. Jedoch ist inzwischen die Konkurrenz gewachsen.

Die Akkulaufzeit ist ebenfalls hervorragend und die Ladezeit mit dem beiliegenden Netzteil trotzdem angenehm kurz. Gute Smartphones sind mehr als nur die Summe ihrer Einzelteile. Samsung Galaxy S6 Quelle: Damit wirkt die neue High-End-Generation edel und hochwertig. Im Inneren stecken zudem die derzeit beste Hardware sowie Android Lollipop. Im Alltag erledigt das Smartphone alle Aufgaben ohne Probleme. Zudem funktioniert der Fingerscanner besser als zuvor. Superb screen and great camera make it the best Android yet Quelle: ZDNet For the S6, less is absolutely more. Upgrading to metal and glass, pairing a great screen with an excellent camera while streamlining the look and feel of the software means that Samsung has come up with the best Android smartphone of the year to date.

Those in need of extra cool may wish to pay out for the S6 Edge, but for many the S6 will be more than smart enough. Netzwelt Samsung erfindet die Galaxy S-Reihe erfolgreich neu. Man kann den Akku aber nicht mehr wechseln, ein microSD-Slot fehlt und es ist nicht mehr wasserdicht. Interner Speicher nicht erweiterbar. Ein Produkt der Kritik Quelle: Man merkt wie gut es in der Hand liegt, dass der Fingerabdruckscanner funktioniert und erlebt den Schimmereffekt in verschiedenen Lichtsituationen.

Moderne Fassade trifft auf Hochleistungs-Technik Quelle: Mobicroco Abstriche sind vor allem bei der fehlenden Speichererweiterung sowie beim fest verbauten Akku zu machen. Damit wirkt die neue Highend-Generation richtig edel und hochwertig. Im Inneren steckt zudem die derzeit beste Hardware sowie neues Android Lollipop.

Smartphone im Praxis-Test Quelle: Doch die neue Design-Strategie scheint nicht ohne Risiko. Samsung Galaxy S7 vs Galaxy S6 - is it worth upgrading? While the benefits probably aren't quite enough to persuade current S6 users to ditch their current phone and upgrade to the S7 right this second, those looking for a fast smartphone at a great price should definitely consider Samsung's latest and greatest. And the facts are that the Galaxy S7 is an evolutionary step forward for Samsung, but no more. Sure, we're more than happy to see that the company has improved on ergonomics and that the handset is now dust- and water-resistant, but much everything else is very comparable to the Galaxy S6, or even slightly worse.

Should you upgrade to the Galaxy S7? However, if waterproofing, expandable storage and improved battery life are not your primary concerns, we'd advise looking to the much cheaper Galaxy S6 over the Galaxy S7, or at least waiting a few months for its price to come down. To me, the S7 is well-priced and worth the premium for new buyers.

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There're even enough features to tempt some S6 users, but probably not quite enough to make most people upgrade. However, those looking for a fast smartphone at a great price should still think about the S6, which will most likely have some top deals available for it on contract. Looking back at the Samsung Galaxy S6 Quelle: If nothing else, the Galaxy S6 is a testament to the fact that Samsung began to right the ship in , and that is something we are hoping to see continue in just a few days from now.

Price is an important consideration as well, on that front the Samsung Galaxy S6 seems to be leading, even if you have big storage requirements and go for the GB model. For that price you get the best screen, software focused on multitasking and security and a camera that works great in the dark. We're finishing up a full three-way fight between the iPhone 6s, Galaxy S6 and Xperia Z5 that will go beyond the camera - hardware, screen, software, audio and so on. There will be more details on the camera too, so check back soon!

Ultimately, it'll come down to your software preference — you're likely to already know whether you're an Android or iOS fan. They're both around the same price but they both offer individual features that help them stand out from the crowd and could well convince you to switch operating system. What's the best Android phone?

If you're buying on a contract, though, the Galaxy just got some real competition - the Xperia Z5 has the microSD support and waterproofing protection Samsung fans are crying out for, and with better battery life and more impressive audio quality to boot. We can't accurately judge which phone has the better camera on specs alone, but we don't think you'll be disappointed by the photography prowess of either. First off, the screen of the iPhone 6s is less pixel-heavy, but that doesn't really detract from the actual user experience, and comes as a bonus in the way of smoother navigation, higher frame rate in games, and — as it turns out — satisfying battery life.

Samsung Galaxy S6 vs iphone 6S Quelle: Do you prefer the customization of Android over the simplicity of iOS? Do you prefer the third party accessory support the iPhone gets over the fragmented Android device market? Do you prefer to be on the cutting edge of specifications at all times?

Being in touch with what you truly like as a user will help you make this decision, and even if you jump from one ship to the other, the overall ability to get things done is about the same. We're pleased to see camera improvements and the innovative new 3D Touch display, but we do wish that screen was higher-resolution to match the Samsung Galaxy S6, which absolutely blows the 6s out of the water in that area. Though there are great mid-range smartphones out there that are priced the same as the OnePlus 2, it certainly destroys most of them in comparison.

Not only does it sport a similar eye-catching design, but also offers an extra input method with the S Pen stylus tucked in the thin and light chassis. OnePlus 2 vs Samsung Galaxy S6 comparison review: While the OnePlus 2 is probably the bargain phone of the year, the S6 has some advantages including slimmer build, a better camera, a higher resolution screen and more storage available — all of which might tempt you to spend the extra money. The S6 is Samsung's best-looking Galaxy yet, losing some features but adding so much more Quelle: It's fast, it's well built, it has a gorgeous screen and the software isn't overly intrusive.

The fingerprint scanner is vastly improved, the heart-rate scanner a potential draw for some users, and the wireless- and fast charging welcome inclusions. We'd like to see the price come down which we are sure it will and it's a shame we've lost the removable battery, waterproofing and microSD support, but these are all things we can live with. The design, too, was something that made me smile.

Make of that what you will. Despite the move back to plastic, or as a result of, the Active can take a beating and keep things ticking along. Its usefulness is more than catered just towards the rock climber, the drink spiller, or the clumsy handler, with its larger size allowing for a battery capacity and longevity that we only wished the Galaxy S6 could muster, and the Active button is useful for everyone who wants an easy access method to their most used applications.

If the Galaxy S6 Edge is the luxury sports car, and seems to be priced accordingly, the Galaxy S6 Active is the off-roading vehicle that can still show off on the streets, and in this scenario, also gives far better gas mileage. While hardcore Android purists will understandably opt for the Nexus 6 to get fast updates and greater tinker capabilities, the Galaxy S6 is the better choice for all others.

It is a more well-rounded experience. We all thought it was going to be an easy one this year choosing the best Android phone, but Sammy just wants to make it harder on all of us. Next door rivals Quelle: These two are quite different in nature and will appeal to different crowds. The thin metal and glass design of the S6 goes after the iPhone, while also catering to Galaxy faithfuls who weren't happy with the faux leather. The LG G4 steers away from the "smartphone slab" design with a uniquely curved body and provides a soft answer to Apple's and HTC's metal.

As you may have noticed throughout the video, the Galaxy S6 does tend feature very punchy colors, but the color reproduction with the LG G4 is far from bland, and the shots still look really nice. Bottom-line, users will likely be happy regardless of which smartphone camera they end up choosing. Both companies have received a lot of flak for stutter and lag on previous iterations of TouchWiz and LG UX, but complaints are few and far between this time around, and that is a wonderful development. The best of Android vs the best of Apple Quelle: Although it's more expensive, the Galaxy S6 is the better smartphone here thanks to its extra storage, impressive Quad HD screen, awesome camera and extra gadgets like the IR blaster and heart rate monitor.

A big factor here is software, though, so if you don't want Android then the iPhone 6 is the phone for you. Yes, the Galaxy S6 and Edge 16MP unit is terrific too, definitely the second best imaging powerhouse in the world for all purpose snapping, image quality, and so on. Is the edge screen worth paying extra for? There are only a handful of functions and while this may change over time with software updates it's an unknown and no guarantee.

Samsung Galaxy S6 vs iPhone 6 Quelle: Which comes on top is up to the users themselves. If you want to be able to tweak almost everything, go with the Galaxy S6. Which is the best new phone for ? With a better screen and camera plus extras such as a fingerprint scanner, heart-rate monitor and wireless charging it's worth paying the extra for. The standout downside here is the lack of a microSD card slot.

The Android Phone to Beat Quelle: Power users who want the flexibility of changing batteries and adding microSD cards may want to consider Samsung's Galaxy Note 4, which has a removable back but is larger and has lesser specs. This doesn't come without a lengthy, maybe even patronizing disclaimer, that makes it sufficiently clear that you should try and identify the things you care about instead of following along blindly.

Samsung Galaxy Serie - heinrich-wolgast-schule.de Externe Tests

This means deciding whether you want a phablet-sized phone, or one that is easier to handle. It means asking yourself if that extra frame or two when gaming will really make a difference. It means finding out whether metal-and-glass designs are your thing, or whether you prefer the warm touch of leather instead.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Smartphone Quelle: But its brilliant screen and camera make it very compelling. We sit down to run through all the important things about this phone and compare it to the iPhone 6. However, we understand that not everyone wants to pay through the roof for a fancy display. If you're not bothered about the curve and want to save money, the Galaxy S6 is still one of the best Android phones you can buy today, so for that reason it wins a Recommended award. I'm sure some people will refuse to buy a phone that has a sealed in battery or no microSD card, but these options are becoming increasingly rare.

If you can get over that, the Galaxy S6 is an amazing phone with great build quality, the best screen so far, and a camera that will be hard to beat. Samsung Galaxy S6 vs Galaxy S6 edge! Both of these phones show that Samsung has jumped forward in the flagship game. The Galaxy S6 and the S6 Edge will be the phones to beat this year, with their speed and stellar camera experience setting the bar very high for the competition. When it comes to picking one over the other though, it is really a matter of aesthetics and handling, both of which benefits that are actually felt.

Die Firmware-Aktualisierung bringt das Betriebssystem auf den neuesten Stand. Apple und samsung, geht nicht. Weil handy A3 ohne update. Geht trotzdem nicht, alles umsonst. Der letzte Dreck, das Programm verbindet sich einfach nicht mit dem Handy obwohl das Handy richtig angeschlossen ist und der PC es auch erkannt hat. Ich rate jedem von diesem Mist ab. Kann das Ding nicht einmal installieren. Also, macht was bei Samsung Mehr. Wollte mir ein Samsung Galxy S4 zulegen, werde das jetzt aber sicher nicht mehr machen.

Da sind ja die Apple-Probleme richtiggehend verschwindend klein! Fast nie eine Verbindung! Es funktioniert ganz selten oder eher gar nicht. Aber es funktioniert einfach nicht und schon gar nicht wie es soll oder was es verspricht. Und das jedes Mal beim Programm-Start. Dann hat Kies endlich mal nach ewiger Suche und Diagnose mein Samsung Handy gefunden und macht dann aber trotzdem nichts.

Firmware Aktualisierung geht gar nicht. War ja auch glatt der Fall. Ich hatte echt Angst um mein Handy. Synchronisieren klappt auch nur bedingt und oder eben gar nicht, muss jedes Mal wieder neu gemacht werden.

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